Fortune Chart

Sign of the Wolf (Born Jan. 1 - Mar. 14)

Temperment: Cautious

Aligned with: Hawk

Direction: Express unfamiliar thoughts.

Sign of the Hare (Born Mar. 15 - May 26)

Temperment: Thoughful

Aligned with: Fox

Direction: Distrust new ideas.

Sign of the Hawk (Born May 27 - Aug. 8)

Temperment: Sensitive

Aligned with: Bear

Direction: Define familiar paths.

Sign of the Bear (Born Aug. 9 - Oct. 21)

Temperment: Sorrowful

Aligned with: Wolf

Direction: Create frivolous friends.

Sign of the Fox (Born Oct. 22 - Dec. 31)

Temperment: Sensitive

Aligned with: Hare

Direction: Express unexpected wishes.

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